Industrial Intelligence

We deliver actionable insights which make the industry more reliable, productive, safe and secure.

We brings AI value in the following key areas






Our Story

SAGESSE industries is a french software company founded in 2017 specified in the creation of scalable AI technologies for industries and R&D. We are a global company supporting international customers, and we believe collaborations across the globe bring the best ideas.

Our Mission

Unlock your business value with our AI solutions. Backed by Artificial intelligence engineers with years of cross-domain expertise, our application development team excels at disrupting your existing business practices and delivering top-of-the-line solutions from scratch.

We're helping enterprises harness the incredible power of AI

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to build AI solutions that can gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights to drive business growth.  

Natural Language Processing

With NLP and NLU, our AI developers can build chatbot and voice assistants to facilitate personalized interaction, enhance and boost productivity. 

Computer Vision

Our AI experts have developed solutions for the recognition of objects and classification of images using Recognition and Deep Learning-based Visual Search.

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SAGESSE indutries provides deployment-ready AI solutions and enterprise-wide transformation programs for customers worldwide.