Developing AI applications with Computer vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing

We help organizations harness the power of AI by developing innovative solutions.

Bespoke solutions

We convert your AI Vision into a reality by applying our intelligence and experience in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. We work with businesses of all sizes to build AI products from consulting to development, including user training and maintenance. We are a team of Data Scientists, AI analysts, Designers, Full-stack developers and Software Architects.

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to build AI solutions that can gather unstructured data and convert it into actionable insights to drive business growth.  

Natural Language Processing

With NLP and NLU, our AI developers can build chatbot and voice assistants that facilitate personalized interaction, enhance and boost productivity. 

Computer Vision

Our AI experts have developed solutions for the recognition of objects and classification of images using Recognition and Deep Learning-based Visual Search.

We transform businesses and bring efficiency using Artificial Intelligence

The ambition of our AI consulting experts and data scientists is to build innovative solutions which can transform companies processes. Our team is made of AI consultants, designers and end-to-end AI application developers.

Understanding the Data and Discovery

We evaluate the potential of your existing data, software infrastructure and technology to deploy AI systems and workflows. We deploy the right AI technology and tools to bring improvements.


Once all stakeholders see the value and approve the solution, our AI developers and designers launch the live system. We also provide maintenance and support for ongoing operations and changes.

Quick Development - Pilot

We experiment with a small-scale system to demonstrate the capability of AI technology applied to your business, and we analyze the possible outcomes of the AI system. 


Our AI consulting team reviews the existing workflow, processes and operations to determine if an AI solution can bring you efficiency. We do a quick PoC and mockups to gather feedbacks from the stakeholders. Once value is proven, we collect the necessary elements and make a roadmap outlining the project estimated timeline, the cost to build an AI app, and the deliverables.

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SAGESSE indutries provides deployment-ready AI solutions and enterprise-wide transformation programs for customers worldwide.